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New Hire Testing

New Hire, state-wide pre-employment screening for Corrections Officers (Jailers) and Deputy Sheriffs.

The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association is working with EMPCO Incorporated to develop and establish a statewide pre-employment screening process for those interested in applying to a Sheriffs Office for a Corrections (jail) or Deputy Sheriff position throughout the State of Wisconsin.

The goal of this project is to establish, as best as possible, a one-step process for new hire candidates to complete a single entry-level, new hire evaluation (test) that can then be sent to every Sheriffs Office in the state or to a specific region of the State or to a single County where the individual applicant desires to work.

The project has been in development for the past four months and the beginning phases of the project have begun.

Empco representatives have established testing sites at thirteen colleges across the state with more coming on line soon.

Nearly forty-five Sheriffs have already registered to participate in this innovative new testing process. The BSSA is hopeful that all 72 of Wisconsin Sheriffs will be registered and participating by the end of April.

Candidates, Sheriffs, Human Resource personnel, College, and Technical College representatives may access the testing website by clicking below:

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Honorary Membership

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