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The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association represents 72 Wisconsin Sheriffs, and the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association represents 425 Police Chiefs in the State of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association is a statewide organization representing over 1,000 members, including sheriffs, deputies, and jail officers. Combined, our organizations lead over 14,000 officers and deputies statewide.  These three organizations have put together a document, linked below, regarding law enforcement training, policies, and laws that we feel are important for our communities to be aware of during the debate surrounding law enforcement in our country.

Recently, Wisconsin has seen numerous incidents that have turned into rioting, lawlessness, damage to property, arson, and assault on citizens, police officers, and deputy sheriffs. We have done our very best to maintain peace in our communities, and thank you for the kind words of support we have received.

The information provides detailed information about how we train officers at the recruit level and beyond.  It outlines current training, policies, case law, and Wisconsin Statutes regarding law enforcement in Wisconsin. We believe it is vital for our citizens to understand how law enforcement officers in Wisconsin are some of the most well-trained officers in the country. That our communities know we already have in place laws, policies, and procedures mandated in our state that protect the communities we serve. We are committed to developing policy recommendations to improve and add transparency to the law enforcement hiring process.

It is our stance that education is the critical component in helping the citizens of Wisconsin understand law enforcement in our beautiful state.  If we maintain open dialogue and transparency, we will continue retaining the high standard of law enforcement here in Wisconsin.  Sheriffs and Police Chiefs are committed to maintaining professionalism, high ethical, moral, and integrity standards within law enforcement. Law Enforcement leadership in Wisconsin has a strong commitment to removing those who do not adhere to these principals. 

Please read the full document below.

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