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Welcome to the Badger State Sheriffs’ Association’s website.


The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association (BSSA) is an organization of all 72 Sheriffs in Wisconsin. It exists to support the Office of Sheriff by providing training, resources, and protecting the Sheriff’s Constitutional Authority.  I am honored and privileged to be the President of this prestigious organization for the next two years and look forward to working with all the Sheriffs and our partners to continue protecting and serving our citizens.


There is no question that 2020 presented a tremendous challenge for law enforcement across the state.  Covid has created new and unique difficulties for our communities and the jails for which the Sheriffs bear sole responsibility. The BSSA has been a resource for Sheriffs to help mitigate the spread of COVID in the jails.


We are in a unique time in history, as law enforcement has come under extreme scrutiny; however, we believe that law enforcement is still an honorable and noble profession. It’s apparent from the conversations we’ve had with citizens that the public desires to have law enforcement continue protecting and serving our communities.  Our goal as Sheriffs is the continual improvement of law enforcement services to our citizens.  An integral part of this strategy is improved training for deputies, transparency, community engagement, and active legislative involvement.  The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association strives to be at the forefront of making improvements to law enforcement.


The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association also serves as a single voice for Sheriffs and their citizens in the Wisconsin Legislature, the Governor’s Office, and other state agencies to ensure citizens’ rights and the Sheriff’s authority are recognized and protected.  The BSSA reviews policies and laws that protect and serve the public and works to stop harmful laws that put Wisconsin’s citizens and law enforcement personnel at risk. Each of us took an Oath to uphold the Wisconsin Constitution and the US Constitution, and every one of us takes this very seriously.  

I hope after you visit our website and understand the critical role the Badger State Sheriffs’ Association has in Wisconsin, that you will reach out to your local Sheriff and find ways to assist your local law enforcement.  

Thank you for supporting your County Sheriff,



Sheriff Nate Dreckman

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